Power &

When it comes to speed delivery and power, you cannot go wrong with our cutting-edge range of SwissCat boats. We offer a special semi catamaran hull design bringing fuel efficiency, allowing these boats to provide incredible bursts of speed, and operate for extended periods between refueling stops.
Designed to deliver power you have never felt before.


As well as offering unrivalled performance, SwissCat boats also boast a level of versatility. These amazing boats can be adapted for a whole range of purposes, from a luxury tender to simply a family boat excursion. Plus, they can be operated in all waters from calm canals and rivers to rough seas.


When swiss perfection meets boat building, you can be assured that the highest standards of design, build quality and finish, are met. We bring together a unique blend of expertise and finesse in our final product.


Quality assurance is met through a rigorous process of testing prior to selling the boat to our customers.
Our Swiss Cat 31 covered over 2000NM in the Adriatic Sea to test it’s safety in different weather conditions.

Deluxe Models

SwissCat 31

Our Leader of the deluxe line.
Perfect for exploring the sea, having weekend trips or just enjoying a day on board.
Featuring a nice spacious bow cabin and a toilet inside the cockpit.
Entering a port everyone will turn their heads guaranteed.

DISCOVER – SwissCat 31

SwissCat 26

Our Swiss Cat 26 is the small brother of the 31. Same boat different size. The only difference is the missing bow cabin. Instead there is an aft cabin which folds out by the push of a button.

DISCOVER – SwissCat 26

SwissCat 28 Pilot

Winter or Summer the boat for every weather. With its enclosed cabin and 2 steering possibilities either inside or outside the perfect allrounder.

DISCOVER – SwissCat 28 Pilot

SwissCat 26/27

The perfect weekender cuddy cabin boat available in 2 different sizes.

DISCOVER – SwissCat 26/27

SwissCat 24/19 Rubin

Our open center console boat with a lot of space perfect for daytrips with your family and friends.

DISCOVER – Swiss Cat 24/19 Rubin

SwissCat 46