SwissCat 28 Pilot


Life just got much sweeter abroad the Swiss-Cat 28 Pilot. With its sleek design and features, you just can’t go wrong with choosing a Swiss-Cat 28 Pilot. There is such as an optional big sunroof and the spacious cabin with the possibility of having two helms, allowing you to steer outside, feeling the fresh breeze or when the conditions get a bit rougher, have the comfort of steering from inside. The best of both worlds.

an emblem of elegance

Elegance, the quality of being pleasingly stylish and simple, underlies the Swiss- Cat 28 Pilot. The beautiful teak interior contributes to its elegance. This teak interior truly sets this boat apart from the rest. A durable, hard, cleanable timber exposed raw teak brings a safe and stylish look.

ready for every season

This boat truly is ready to take on every season. For the summer lovers, the engines are covered by a big sunbed for you to catch some rays, and there is a swim ladder in proximity. When the weather gets rougher and stormier, the side railing all along the boat, brings safety to all passengers, along with the many other safety and stability features Swiss-Cat brings. The side door makes boarding smooth and hassle free. Exactly what we believe boating should be.


  • Max Power:
  • 400 HP
  • Length:
  • 810 cm
  • Width:
  • 252 cm
  • Payload:
  • 12 People / 1300 kg
  • Weight empty:
  • 2000 kg