Easy and Safe

SwissCat is a safe choice for the whole family, as it is extremely stable, unsinkable, and very resistant. The semi-catamaran hull design, sets SwissCat boats apart from many other competitors and makes boating thoroughly safe and enjoyable. Our boats are C or some are B certified depending on the requirements and purpose of the boat. Our boats are easy to clean and require no cover due to the waterproof compartments and self-bailing abilities. Simple, intuitive controls make our boats user-friendly.


Through our own PET contruction in the double floor, we guarantee residual buoyancy (unsinkability). On the one hand, every single bottle/PET cell helps to reduce the pressure from heat on the double floor and on the other hand to increase the safety of the crew. Beyond the unmatched safety that 100% unsinkability means, it also means high-quality construction and innovative design. It means having the freedom to take on both the shallows to the roughest waters without worry.

Semi catamaran

We offer a special semi catamaran hull design, which not only brings stability and a smooth ride, it also brings fuel efficiency, allowing the boats to provide incredible bursts of speed, and operate for extended periods between refueling stops. The two keels give our boats that extra touch of Swiss precision – allowing you to easily follow the course without the need for excessive steering.

You choose

It is in our DNA to build boats that are made for you. To ensure that your boat specifically caters to your lifestyle you can select your model, choose your engine, cockpit and browse through our range of options and special features From different engine brands all the way to custom-made sunroofs, everything is tailored to suit your needs. Making your ride more effortless, more unique, more you.

Leisure Models

SwissCat 18/19/20

The all-rounder easy and affordable boat. These smaller boats shouldn’t be underestimated. They are easy to store and handle due to their compact leightweight, making boating easier for everybody.

DISCOVER – SwissCat 18/19/20

SwissCat 21/24

Taking it one step further, we have a range of bigger boats bringing more power possibilities and more adventure. The result is a boat that maximizes space and value like never before.

DISCOVER – SwissCat 21/24