Elegance is our style

Our family business was founded by Hans-Rudolf and Madeleine Lehmann in 1955. Marcel Lehmann took over the company from his parents in the year 2000 with his wife Brigitte Lehmann. Today their son, Akim Lehmann, the third boat builder in our family, leads the business and has brought new innovative ideas into the process.
The genes of the Swiss-Cat brand are deeply rooted in strong family values coupled with years of boatbuilding tradition.

Performance our passion

Today we proudly present a series of excellent boats based on over 65 years of manufacturing knowledge.
Whether we're restoring 70-year-old wooden masterpieces or continuing work on our brand new Swiss-Cat boats, our passion and commitment to what we do remains constant. We are one of the most versatile and resilient boat makers in Switzerland and love to share our special boats with the world. With a history of deliveries to Germany, other European countries, parts of Asia any beyond, we would be very happy to have you as our next customer.

...This, since 1955